Oral Surgeon Smithtown

Welcome to Precision Oral Surgery, the leading Oral Surgeon Smithtown. Our practice centers around providing extraordinary oral care with state-of-the-art technology and empathy. As a top oral surgeon Smithtown, we ensure that patient comfort comes first and tailor our treatments to individual needs.

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Oral Surgeon Smithtown

Selecting the right oral surgeon is vital for your dental health. Below are the reasons why we stand out at Precision Oral Surgery in Smithtown:

Expert Team: Our Oral Surgeon  Smithtown boasts vast experience gained from dealing with difficult dental cases accurately over many years.

Advanced Technology: To guarantee all patients receive accurate diagnoses and efficient treatments in Smithtown, we make use of modern dental technology.

Patient-Centered Care: In our Smithtown facility, we provide personalized services within an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Comprehensive Services: Tooth extractions to full arch rehabilitation – our Smithtown branch offers a wide range of tailored oral surgery services.

Community Participation: By taking part in local events and initiatives, we demonstrate our dedication to fostering positive relationships with residents within the Smithtown community.

Oral Surgeon Smithtown


Oral Surgeon Offering Premier Care in Smithtown

We offer various oral surgery procedures designed to cater to different dental health needs:

Tooth Extraction Smithtown: Our team of specialists guarantees painless tooth removals by prioritizing your comfort during the process as well as ensuring speedy recovery after each operation carried out in our clinic found at 11787 NY area code.

Implants Smithtown: For durable results that resemble natural teeth functions; we specialize in implantology where advanced methods are used so as to achieve these two objectives simultaneously while restoring esthetics too.

Immediate Implants Smithtown: You can have immediate implants placed without long periods of downtime thanks to skilled oral surgeons located within easy reach from anywhere around this town or even beyond its borders if necessary such as those working at their practice situated somewhere near postcode 11787 NY area code.

Full Arch Rehabilitation Smithtown: Full arch rehabilitation is a complex procedure that requires comprehensive solutions. Our facility provides such services aimed at restoring your dental health and confidence back to normalcy again.

Wisdom Teeth Smithtown: Wisdom teeth removals are usually associated with discomfort but not when done by our practice which knows how to handle these cases expertly thus minimizing pain while ensuring quick recovery for patients in need of such services located around postcode 11787 NY area code.

General Anesthesia Smithtown: General anesthesia options are available for those who prefer to be asleep during their oral surgery procedure. This ensures that you have a stress-free and painless experience while being attended by experts from a facility situated somewhere near postcode 11787 NY area code where I work as an assistant to the surgeon performing surgeries.

Bone Grafting Smithtown: The success of an implant placement mainly depends on the strength and quality of the jawbone. If it is found to be weak or insufficient, then bone grafts can be done so as to enhance its structure thereby making it suitable enough for supporting implants which will last longer than expected within this town limits comprising some parts covered by postcode 11787 NY area code region.

Sinus Lifting Smithtown: Sinus lift procedures are performed on patients whose upper jaws lack the height needed for stable implant support. These operations help create space under sinus membranes allowing them room enough for sitting low down thus making them closer towards implant sites located somewhere around postcode 11787 NY area code region.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Smithtown: Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is used in various oral surgery procedures to promote healing and improve outcomes based on my knowledge gained through working at this facility serving residents living within Smithtown city limits but closer towards areas having zip codes 11787 NY region where we are currently operating as surgeons’ assistants

Orthodontic Impaction Cases Smithtown: Our team expertly manages orthodontic impaction cases, providing effective solutions for complex dental issues.


About Smithtown

Smithtown is a picturesque town located on Long Island’s North Shore in Suffolk County, New York. Known for its rich history, the town’s origins trace back to the 17th century and the legendary tale of its founder, Richard Smith, riding a bull to define the town’s boundaries. The iconic Whisper statue commemorates this event.

Smithtown offers a high quality of life with excellent public schools, making it a desirable place for families. The community is close-knit, with numerous local events and recreational activities. The town is surrounded by natural beauty, featuring parks like Caleb Smith State Park, Blydenburgh County Park, and Sunken Meadow State Park, as well as the Nissequogue River for outdoor activities.

With a strong local economy supported by small businesses, Smithtown blends suburban living with rural charm, making it a delightful place to live and visit.

Things to do 

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve: This state park is for people who love nature. It has beautiful trails, fishing places, and spots where wildlife can be seen.

Long Island Greenbelt Trail: In Smithtown and the areas around it you can go hiking here and see a lot of natural beauty.

Smithtown Performing Arts Center: There are plays and live shows put on at this popular community theater.

Oral Surgeon Smithtown

Serving  the Community

At Precision Oral Surgery we believe in serving the Smithtown community with excellence and compassion. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional oral care; we actively participate in local events and support health-promoting charities.

Our group of oral surgeons in Smithtown is passionate about making positive changes for our patients as well as the wider communities that surround us. We sponsor local health fairs, provide complimentary dental check-ups, and contribute towards educational programs that aim to raise awareness about oral health within society.

We know how important it is to give back when you have been given so much from others – through these outreach schemes, not only do we hope to improve residents’ teeth but also assist those less fortunate than themselves; whether by monetary donations, time volunteered or services discounted.

Precision Oral Surgery is more than just a dental practice located in Smithtown – it’s an integral part of the local area. We cannot wait to continue working alongside each other as trusted partners for your oral healthcare needs whilst always remaining attentive towards them throughout their journey back towards full wellness again!

Oral Surgeon Smithtown


What kind of things does an Oral Surgeon Smithtown do?

An oral surgeon based within Smithtown performs many different procedures such as tooth extractions, dental implants (including immediate placement), full arch rehabilitation using implants alone or together with natural teeth restored via restorative dentistry procedures like crowns etc., removals of wisdom teeth under sedation/general anesthesia if requested by patient or necessary due to complexity involved, bone grafting (both simple/simplex non-complicated block grafts), sinus lifting when indicated based upon clinical assessment findings plus platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy where appropriate along with orthodontic impaction cases.

To schedule your appointment with our oral surgeon based in Smithtown please call us or visit our website and fill out the online form. Our friendly staff will help you find a suitable time for your visit that suits both parties involved best!

When you come to see our oral surgeon for the very first time we will carry out a comprehensive examination of the mouth, review medical history as well as discuss treatment options available so as to ensure that all necessary information is provided thus making sure that each patient feels comfortable about what they are being told concerning their care needs vis-à-vis anticipated outcomes etcetera.

Bone grafting prior to receiving dental implants within smith-town becomes necessary since this procedure creates a stronger foundation that guarantees stability throughout long-term usage thereby enhancing success rates achieved through implant dentistry; more advanced techniques are employed by our surgeon at Smith Town in order to achieve better results regarding jawbone structure enhancement

Yes, general anesthesia can be administered during any type of surgical intervention carried out within Smith Town area by one among several experienced surgeons practicing here who specialize solely or mainly in procedures falling under this particular field.