Oral Surgeon Melville

At Precision Oral Surgery, our skilled Melville oral surgeon provides excellent care in a modern facility. We strive to offer individualized treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs. Our commitment to advanced technology ensures that you will receive the highest level of care from our Melville oral surgeon.

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Oral Surgeon Melville

Why Choose Us:

Choosing Precision Oral Surgery means choosing the best oral surgeon  Melville. Several things set our practice apart:

Experienced Team: Our  oral surgeon Melville has years of experience and advanced training in various dental procedures. You can trust us with all your oral health needs.

State-of-the-art technology: We use the most up-to-date technology to provide accurate and efficient treatments. With our advanced equipment, we can achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Patient-Centric Care: Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities throughout your treatment journey. Our caring staff will ensure that you have a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Comprehensive Services: From routine extractions to complex implant surgeries, our oral surgeon Melville offers a wide range of services under one roof.

Commitment to Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our practice so that we can provide you with the highest quality care and results possible.

Community Involvement: We are proud to be active members of the Melville community and participate in local events and initiatives aimed at promoting oral health awareness.

Oral Surgeon Melville


Exceptional Oral Health Services with Oral Surgeon Melville

Tooth Extraction Melville – A safe and painless tooth extraction is necessary for maintaining good oral health which is what you get when visiting an orthodontist near me like ours!

Implants Melville – Dental implants can help restore your smile and improve your quality of life by providing high-quality dental implants in Melvillle

Immediate Implants Melville – Immediate solutions may be needed sometimes; if this applies then consider immediate implants as they offer fast results.

Full Arch Rehabilitation Melville – Restores complete function and aesthetics to the smile through full arch rehabilitation services in Melville

Wisdom Teeth Melville – Wisdom tooth extractions are performed by us expertly so as to prevent any complications while ensuring your comfort during the procedure.

General Anesthesia Melville – Offers general anesthesia options for a comfortable and pain-free experience during your procedure

Bone Grafting Melville -Our precise bone grafting services enable you to enhance your jawbone structure hence making it strong enough for dental implant placement.

Sinus Lifting Melville -Preparing upper jaws for successful dental implants is done through sinus lifting procedures which we perform here at Melville Oral Surgery

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Melville – This platelet-rich fibrin helps in faster healing after an operation has been carried out on you that requires treatment with it such as when there’s a need for extraction followed by implantation where such cases may arise oftentimes due to poor bone quality or quantity among other factors.

Orthodontic Impaction Cases Melville -We handle complex orthodontic impaction cases with expertise and care from our location within the city of Melville itself!


About Melville

Melville is a charming town located on Long Island, New York. It offers suburban peace close to urban convenience with rich historical roots. The community thrives because of its vibrant atmosphere and superior school systems. Parks are plentiful throughout this city, reflecting their cultural heritage and offering recreational facilities year-round for all ages to enjoy together as families or friends while living nearby professionals who work just minutes away from their homes; these parks also host events annually which further promote family bonding among residents around them.

In addition to being family-friendly, there are many local attractions near Bethpage State Park where trails can be explored or restaurants visited if one prefers dining out at places rated highly by others who have been there already! Our oral surgeon in melvillle feels privileged to serve such an active community.

Things To Do

Discover and Appreciate Melville Bethpage State Park – hike, bike or play golf in this scenic state park. Adventureland – a family-friendly amusement park with rides and games for all ages. 

Walt Whitman Birthplace – the historic birthplace of poet Walt Whitman where you can learn about his life and works.

Melville Park – a peaceful place to have a picnic, walk around, or just enjoy nature within the city. 

Melville Farmers Market – every weekend, you can shop for fresh produce and other local goods at this popular market.

Cultural Arts Playhouse – visit this local gem for live theater performances or musicals.

oral surgeon Melville

Serving the Community

Our Precision Oral Surgery practice is deeply involved with the Melville community. We participate in various events throughout the year by providing free dental screenings as well as oral health education sessions among residents. Our team members also volunteer their time working alongside different charities within our area which offer dental care services mainly to underserved populations.

In addition, our Oral Surgeon located in Melville engages in educational initiatives geared towards promoting oral hygiene awareness among kids partnering with different schools while also sponsoring local sports teams besides supporting various programs that enhance quality of life within Melville townships.

By becoming part & parcel of this society, we hope not only to nurture strong bonds between us but also to contribute positively towards people’s welfare residing here at Melvilles’ vicinity. It has been always our commitment as an establishment concerned about patients’ well-being hence striving hard each day towards achieving better outcomes regarding oral health while touching lives through what we do. Frequently Asked Questions What kind of procedures can be done by an Oral Surgeon located in Melville?

Among tooth extraction, and dental implants are some other services offered by this specialist situated within Melvilles’. There are also bone grafting procedures that may need to be performed depending on individual patient needs to help them regain full functionality of their mouth.

Oral Surgeon Melville


What services does an Oral Surgeon Melville provide?

Our Oral Surgeon Melville offers a wide range of services including tooth extractions, dental implants, bone grafting, and more to meet your oral health needs.

Appointments can be made either by calling our offices during working hours or book online via the website where available.

During initial consultations, thorough examinations will usually take place alongside discussion around various treatment options after which a personalized care plan is crafted for each patient according to their specifics as determined by such assessment findings.

Definitely yes; general anesthesia forms part of service provisions offered by this professional based within Melvilles’ area thus ensuring ultimate comfort throughout the entire surgical process while at the same time guaranteeing painless encounters for all involved parties concerned including patients themselves.

If you have complex dental issues such as impacted teeth, require dental implants, or need advanced surgical care, an Oral Surgeon in Melville can provide the specialized treatment you need.