Oral Surgeon Massapequa

Our Oral Surgeon in Massapequa is dedicated to delivering excellent care through employing the latest technology and individualized treatment plans at Precision Oral Surgery. Our experienced team strives to provide outstanding service to each patient within a comfortable, friendly setting. Find out why we are the best choice for your oral health needs.

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Oral Surgeon Massapequa

Why Choose Us:

Selecting Precision Oral Surgery means choosing Massapequa’s best oral surgeon for your dental care needs. Here is what sets our practice apart as the ideal option:

Qualified Experts: Our staff under the leadership of the finest oral surgeon in Massapequa boasts years of experience and specialized training for every procedure, ensuring quality.

Modern Equipment: We employ up-to-date dental technology in carrying out accurate treatments. The desired results are guaranteed by our oral surgeon in Massapequa.

Full Range Of Services: Our oral surgeon in Massapequa provides all-inclusive service packages that meet various requirements from simple extractions to complex implant procedures. You can get all kinds of care under one roof.

Client-Focused Approach: Aiming at making each visit positive, we give priority to your comfort as well as personalized treatment plans coupled with a caring attitude towards all patients.

Community Participation: Being actively involved with events within the Massapequa neighborhood, our office supports them while raising awareness about maintaining good mouth hygiene. This is because we believe that it is important to give back to those who have entrusted us with their smiles.

Drive For Excellence: Striving for perfection throughout our entire practice is something that our oral surgeon in Massapequa continuously does. This means being committed not only to maintaining highest standards but also ensuring that there is patient satisfaction always.

Oral Surgeon Massapequa


Comprehensive Oral Health Services with Oral Surgeon Massapequa

Tooth Extraction Massapequa: Safe tooth removal procedures by our skilled specialists are administered so that one can keep their oral health intact; both simple & complicated extractions are handled appropriately as per need for precision.

Implants Massapequa: Dental Implants performed here are of high quality and they will help in restoring the natural appearance as well as oral function enhancement. We designed them such that nobody can even tell if these were not original teeth.

Immediate Implants Massapequa: In case one needs quick results then immediate implantation offered by us would be suitable because waiting may take longer than necessary thus leaving you without a complete set of teeth or a normal smile.

Full Arch Rehabilitation Massapequa: Complete dental rehabilitation which involves full restoration of aesthetic value together with functional utility is done through this service; everything gets replaced so that patients can have their smile back again but better than before.

Wisdom Teeth Massapequa: Focusing mainly on wisdom teeth removal, our oral surgeon is able to extract them quickly and painlessly hence making sure that everything goes well during & after surgery. All aspects concerning the management of wisdom tooth extraction are handled carefully here.

General Anesthesia Massapequa: For painless operations in a relaxing environment select general anesthesia provided by our expert who has Massapequa’s best interest at heart always.

Bone Grafting Massapequa: Enhance your jawbone structure with our precise bone grafting procedures in Massapequa. We provide solutions for patients needing bone augmentation for implants.

Sinus Lifting Massapequa: Prepare for successful dental implants with our advanced sinus lifting techniques in Massapequa. We ensure a solid foundation for your implants.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Massapequa: Promote faster healing and better treatment outcomes with platelet-rich fibrin applications in Massapequa. This advanced technique supports natural healing processes.

Orthodontic Impaction Cases Massapequa: Address complex orthodontic cases with the expert care of our Oral Surgeon in Massapequa. We provide specialized solutions for impacted teeth and related issues.


Concerning The City


Massapequa, a lovely village on Long Island, boasts of its interesting past and lively community. It is a unique place comprising suburban calmness and coastal splendor which make it an attractive place for both dwelling and touring purposes. Among the features that this area possesses are; beautiful parks, great schools as well as various local shops and restaurants that meet different preferences.


This spirit of unity among people living in this town is very strong with many events being organized throughout the year to bring them together. Massapequa never sleeps from annual parades through weekly farmers markets there’s always something going on somewhere within Massapequa. Our Oral Surgeon in Massapequa takes pride in serving such vibrant welcoming communities since they help us stay healthy too.


Things To Do

Explore Massapequa:

Massapequa Preserve: This nature preserve has stunning trails, scenic views, and wildlife.

Tackapausha Museum and Preserve: Visitors can learn about local wildlife along with natural history through various exhibits or outdoor walks at this museum/ preserve combo.

John J Burns Park: With playgrounds, and sports fields for kids & adults alike it’s the perfect spot for picnics or family fun days out!

Massapequa Mall: Shoppers will find all their favorite brands under one roof here while enjoying some good food too! And if you’re lucky enough to be staying nearby why not take advantage?

Marjorie R Post Community Park: Enjoy outdoor activities like Frisbee golf or seasonal events like outdoor concerts in this lush green community park where everyone gathers during weekends especially summer nights when everything comes alive!

Massapequa Farmers Market: Shop here every weekend for fresh produce straight from farms around town plus other unique items sold by local vendors who are always happy to share stories behind their products too!

Oral Surgeon Massapequa

Serving the community

We deeply care about our community at Precision Oral Surgery therefore we participate actively within Massapequa. Free dental check-ups and oral health education to all residents during local events are some of what we do as a practice. We believe in giving back hence our team also volunteers with charities that offer dental care services for underserved populations around us.

Besides, Our Oral Surgeon in Massapequa involves himself with education programs whereby he partners with different schools to promote children’s oral health awareness within the locality. We sponsor teams representing various sports activities while at the same time supporting community-based projects aimed at enhancing Massapequa’s quality of life.

Through such interactions with people living around us, we intend not only to build stronger bonds but also contribute positively towards their welfare as individuals who seek medical attention from them frequently. It is this desire that drives our clinic to strive hard every day to improve both patient outcome levels and general well-being within Massapequa through dentistry.

Oral Surgeon Massapequa


What services does an Oral Surgeon Massapequa provide?

Tooth extraction, and dental implants among others are some of the services provided by Oral Surgeons located in Massapequa which includes our surgeon.

Booking can be done either by calling the office phone or visiting a website where one will find an online appointment booking option available after which you shall receive follow-up confirmation emails from there.

After a thorough examination of your first attendance, they will discuss treatment options available and then come up with an individualized care plan specific for each patient based on findings made during evaluations carried out earlier.

Yes indeed General anesthesia is available here so don’t worry about pain during any kind of operation since it won’t be felt at all until it’s over thanks to highly skilled surgeons working in this practice area.

If you have impacted teeth, require dental implants, or any other complex dental issue that needs advanced surgical care contact an oral surgeon within Massapequa for appropriate assistance.