Oral Surgeon Islip

At Precision Oral Surgery, our highly qualified oral surgeon Islip offers excellent care with the use of advanced technology and individualized treatment plans. Our experienced staff is committed to giving every patient high-quality service in a comfortable, welcoming setting. Find out why our oral surgeon Islip is the right choice for all your dental needs.

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Oral Surgeon Islip

Why Choose Us:

Selecting Precision Oral Surgery means you are choosing the best oral surgeon in Islip for your dental health. Here’s what sets apart our practice:

Skilled Team: Our team has many years of experience and specialized training for each procedure under the leadership of the top oral surgeon in Islip. We always strive to provide the highest quality care possible.

Cutting-Edge Technology: By using state-of-the-art dental technology, we can offer accurate treatments that produce great results. All patients seen by our Islip oral surgeon will benefit from this.

Comprehensive Services: Whether it’s a simple extraction or an intricate implant procedure, our oral surgeon in Islip can do it all. You will receive all necessary treatment at one convenient location.

Patient-Focused Care: We design individualized treatment plans around you and take a compassionate approach with every patient we see. Our goal is to make sure each visit leaves you feeling satisfied and cared for.

Community Engagement: We love being part of the Islip community! Our practice supports local events and spreads knowledge about good oral hygiene habits – because we believe in giving back!

Commitment to Excellence: Our standards couldn’t be higher when it comes down to taking care of people or their teeth. Therefore, expect nothing less than perfection from any aspect of what we do here at Precision Oral Surgery where only top-notch service can satisfy us entirely

Oral Surgeon Islip


Dentist Office Near Me Offering Advanced Dental Health Services

Tooth Extraction Islip: At Precision Oral Surgery, we prioritize safe tooth extraction procedures that promote optimal dental well-being. Both simple and complex tooth removals are handled with a lot of precision

Implants Islip: Our dental implants in Islip are designed not only to restore your smile but also to improve its functionality. The implant is made in such a way that it looks and feels natural

Immediate Implants Islip: If you need an instant solution then go for our immediate implants which have been found very reliable over the years because they give quick results. You don’t have to wait long before enjoying a restored smile again.

Full Arch Rehabilitation Islip: We offer comprehensive full arch rehabilitation services that aim at restoring both the aesthetics and function of your entire set of teeth. Here we provide custom-made complete dental reconstruction solutions

Wisdom Teeth Removal Experts: extracting wisdom teeth can be quite difficult but not when done by our experienced oral surgeon who ensures that everything runs smoothly during this procedure thus making sure the patient remains comfortable throughout.

General Anesthesia Options: Do you want a pain-free experience while undergoing surgery? Well, our general anesthesia option will ensure that everything goes well without any discomfort being felt by the patient as they remain unconscious until after the completion of the operation.

Bone Grafting Procedures: Have a weak jawbone structure? Worry no more because we have precise bone grafting procedures that will help improve it significantly – This comes in handy, especially for those people requiring augmentation due to implant placement problems.

Sinus Lifting Techniques: Preparing yourself for successful dental implantation? Look no further since our advanced sinus lifting techniques guarantee solid foundation establishment thereby ensuring stable positioning

Platelet Rich Fibrin Islip: Promote faster healing and better treatment outcomes with platelet-rich fibrin applications in Islip. This advanced technique supports natural healing processes.

Orthodontic Impaction Cases Islip: Address complex orthodontic cases with the expert care of our Oral Surgeon in Islip. We provide specialized solutions for impacted teeth and related issues.


Regarding the City

Islip, an attractive town on the southern coast of Long Island, is rich in history and community spirit. It provides a good balance between suburban calmness and coastal beauty with its scenic waterfront. The town’s historical sites, parks for locals and visitors alike as well as different kinds of restaurants make it an excellent place to live or visit.

Islip also has a strong sense of community which is shown through various events happening throughout the year. From town fairs that are held annually to farmers’ markets which are always bustling with people buying fresh produce from local vendors; there is never a dull moment in Islip! Our Oral Surgeon in Islip contributes towards this dynamic commune by serving it thus ensuring healthy living.

Things to Do

Explore & Enjoy Islip

Bayard Cutting Arboretum: Situated along the Connetquot River, this historic arboretum offers beautiful gardens and scenic trails.

Islip Beach: A popular beach spot where visitors can relax while enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean.

Islip Art Museum: This vibrant community museum showcases various forms of art and cultural exhibits.

Heckscher State Park: With expansive state parks like this one available for public use, people can engage themselves in outdoor activities such as hiking, and biking among others.

Islip Farmers Market: Every weekend sees the hustle and bustle at this market where shoppers get to buy fresh produce directly from the farms around them.

Seatuck Environmental Association: This organization promotes nature exploration through environmental conservation education programs within the Islip area.

oral surgeon Islip

Serving the Community

The Precision Oral Surgery team has always had a deep-rooted commitment to serving our communities; therefore being part of Islip was no exception. We take part in local events where we offer free dental screenings plus oral health education to residents who attend these occasions. Giving back should be everyone’s mantra hence why some members volunteer their time within charity organizations that help provide dental care services for less fortunate people living around us.

Furthermore, Our Oral Surgeon in Islip partners with schools on various initiatives aimed at creating awareness about oral health among children within this region. We also sponsor several sports teams based within Islip while supporting different community programs meant to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Being actively involved in these activities is very important because it helps us build strong bonds with our patients while contributing positively towards their general well-being. Therefore, our practice strives to improve outcomes relating to oral health so that we can transform lives within our locality for the better.

Oral Surgeon Islip


What do Oral Surgeons Islip offer?

Our Oral Surgeon Islip provides tooth extractions, dental implants, and bone grafting among others which are necessary for proper oral healthcare delivery systems.

To schedule a meeting with one of our dentists specializing in maxillofacial surgery at Precision Oral Surgery please feel free to call them or even book online through their website any time convenient for you since they operate 24/7 throughout the year.

During your initial consultation session with any member of the team, expect a comprehensive examination followed by a discussion regarding possible treatment options before finally coming up with an individualized care plan just tailored to your needs without forgetting budgetary considerations too!

Yes! General anesthesia forms part & parcel of why most clients prefer undergoing such operations since it guarantees complete relaxation plus a pain-free experience throughout the entire surgical process thus enabling both parties involved to achieve desired goals easily without much struggle taking place between them all along the way.

If there are complexities related to dentistry like impacted teeth together with the need for dental implants among other advanced surgical care then visiting any qualified dentist practicing within the Islip district will be your best bet because they have the necessary skills required to handle such cases professionally.