Oral Surgeon East Islip

At Precision Oral Surgery, our Oral Surgeon East Islip is committed to providing top-notch care through individualized treatment plans and state-of-the-art technology. We have a skilled team that strives to give each patient an excellent experience in a friendly environment. Come see why the community relies on our Oral Surgeon East Islip for all of their oral health needs.

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Oral Surgeon East Islip

Why Us:

When you choose Precision Oral Surgery as your healthcare provider, you’re selecting the best Oral Surgeon in East Islip. Here’s what sets our practice apart:

Qualified Professionals: Our staff is highly trained with years of experience under their belts; led by the most skilled Oral Surgeon in East Islip. This ensures quality service delivery at all times.

Sophisticated Technology: Dental procedures require precision, which we achieve using up-to-date equipment and techniques. Our goal is to make sure every patient experiences positive outcomes brought about by our Oral Surgeon in East Islip.

All-Inclusive Care: From simple tooth extractions to complex implant operations – there are no limits when it comes to services provided by our Oral Surgeon in East Islip. Convenience lies within one facility.

Patient-First Philosophy: With us, your comfort matters most hence we offer compassionate treatment plans based on individual needs while creating time for questions & concerns too! We want each visit here at Precision Oral Surgery Centre to be memorable and enjoyable for everyone who walks through these doors!

Oral Surgeon East Islip

Services Offered: General Dental Services with Specialist East Islip Oral Surgeon

Extraction of Teeth East Islip: The removal of teeth is done safely and efficiently by our Oral Surgeon in East Islip who carries out this task either regularly or when it becomes necessary. We have all the necessary equipment to handle simple tooth extraction as well as complex surgical procedures involving multiple extractions simultaneously under general anesthesia if need be.

Dental Implants East Islip: For quality dental implants that enhance both appearance and function, consider getting them from us at Precision Oral Surgery Centre situated in the east Islip area where we aim to give patients natural-looking teeth back which can last for many years without any problems arising.

Immediate Implants East Islip: Immediate dental implants can be the solution that you need in East Islip if you are looking for a quick and reliable result. No waiting for your smile to come back.

Full Arch Rehabilitation East Islip: We offer full arch rehabilitation services in East Islip to help patients restore their oral health functionally and cosmetically. Whether it’s required for complete dental restoration.

Wisdom Teeth East Islip: One of our main specialties at our location is an oral surgeon who performs wisdom tooth extractions exclusively. Let us take care of everything when removing your wisdom teeth.

General Anesthesia East Islip: When undergoing surgery with an oral surgeon from this office, general anesthesia can be provided as an option that ensures no pain is felt by the patient throughout their entire experience while also helping them relax more easily during such procedures. Your satisfaction matters most!

Bone Grafting East Islip: A precise procedure used to build up areas of the jawbone is referred to as bone grafting which we perform in East Islip. Our dental practice offers different kinds of solutions for patients who may require bone augmentation before receiving implants.

Sinus Lifting East Islip: For dental implants to be successful, it may sometimes become necessary to undergo a sinus lift first. Our team is highly skilled at performing these advanced techniques right here in our office located within Eastern Suffolk County, NY – ensuring that all patients will have strong foundations on which their new teeth can grow securely into place.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin East Islip: The application of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) has been known to promote faster healing times and better outcomes following certain types of treatment or surgeries done here such as those performed within eastern Suffolk County New York area code 11730 zip+4 code but not limited too; what was once thought impossible now becomes possible thanks to advances made with this technology.

Orthodontic Impaction Cases East Islip: Deal with tough orthodontic cases with our Oral Surgeon in East Islip who is an expert. We have solutions for impacted teeth as well as other related problems.


About the City

East Islip is a picturesque community located on Long Island. The place has a rich history and vibrant culture. It is a combination of suburban peace and coastal beauty which makes it one of the most sought-after living destinations around. There are beautiful parks, great schools, and plenty of local shops & restaurants for everyone in East Islip.

East Islip brings people together through different events throughout the year because there is a strong sense of community spirit among its residents. From annual parades to farmers markets held every week, there’s always something happening in East Islip. Our Oral Surgeon serving this lively community contributes towards its vibrancy by ensuring better healthcare services are offered.

Things to Do

Explore and Enjoy East Islip

Heckscher State Park: Take part in various outdoor activities including hiking, biking, or having picnics at this lovely state park.

East Islip Marina: This is an ideal place for boating, fishing, and taking pleasure in picturesque waterfront views.

East Islip Historical Society: Get knowledgeable about your locality’s past through enjoyable exhibits & programs hosted here.

Seatuck Environmental Association: Unveil natural wonders of East Islip via educational programs run by this organization like nature walks etc.

East Islip Lanes: Have quality time with loved ones at this favorite bowling alley known for its friendly atmosphere.

Local Farmers Market: Every weekend you can buy fresh produce from our vibrant market that also sells goods produced within a locality.

Oral Surgeon East Islip

Serving the Community

Precision Oral Surgery deeply cares about serving the people living within East Islam city boundaries; therefore we participate actively in community service activities such as giving free dental checkups during local events while offering oral health education to residents as well. We are passionate about giving back hence our staff members volunteer for various charitable organizations where they provide dental care services for underprivileged groups. Moreover, our Oral Surgeon serving in East Islip also takes part in educational programs targeting children’s schools which aim at creating awareness on proper dental hygiene among kids within the area. Additionally, we sponsor neighborhood sports teams and support initiatives geared toward enhancing the quality of life within the East Islip community.

Through becoming part and parcel of this society, we seek to foster lasting bonds with patients as well as promote general welfare for individuals living in East Islam townships. Our practice strives towards bettering outcomes relating to oral health while transforming lives through service provision.


Oral Surgeon East Islip


What services does an Oral Surgeon East Islip provide?

Tooth extraction, dental implants, and bone grafting among other oral healthcare services are some of the things that our Oral Surgeon located at East Islip office offers.

Booking can be done by calling or visiting our offices physically or you may also opt to book online through the website.

During your initial visitation, there shall be a full checkup carried out by one of our seasoned surgeons who will then discuss different methods applicable to you as well as develop an individualized care plan for you.

Definitely yes! There is availability of general anesthesia options that ensure patients undergo pain-free experiences throughout their treatments.

An Oral Surgeon East Islip can offer specialized treatment required for patients with complicated dental matters like impacted teeth, dental implants or need for advanced surgical care.