Oral Surgeon Commack

Welcome to Precision Oral Surgery, your trusted oral surgeon Commack! We have a team of dedicated professionals who provide exceptional oral care using the latest technology and an empathetic approach. Our main focus at Precision Oral Surgery in Commack is ensuring that you are comfortable during your visit with us and that you receive the best treatment possible.

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Oral Surgeon Commack

Why Choose Precision

Choosing the right oral surgeon is important for maintaining dental health. Here are some reasons why we believe that our practice stands out as one of the best in Commack:

Staff Experience – Our highly skilled team of surgeons has years of practical experience combined with advanced training which equips them to handle even the most complicated dental cases confidently.

Cutting-edge Technology – We employ modern equipment so as to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective remedies thereby achieving optimal outcomes for our patients within Commack.

Patient-centered Care – The oral surgeon at our facility concentrates on establishing a friendly environment where everyone feels at ease while receiving personalized care and attention.

Broad Range Of Services Offered – From single tooth extractions to full arch rehabilitations, there’s no shortage of oral surgery procedures available at our office situated within Commack.

Involvement In The Community – Being part of community events aimed towards promoting oral health care within Commack gives us great joy because we consider ourselves active members who should contribute positively towards such initiatives.

Oral Surgeon Commack


Expert Care from Your Oral Surgeon Commack

We offer an extensive range of services designed to cater to all your oral health needs:

Tooth Extraction Commack: Our highly skilled staff ensures that they perform smooth painless tooth extractions while focusing on ensuring patients’ comfort throughout their recovery period in comminution kudos.

Implants Commack: With state-of-the-art techniques employed by our well-trained specialists, Dental Implants can be used not only restore smiles but also improve functionality hence leading to long-lasting results too.

Immediate Implants Commack: Here Immediate Implants are done within a very short period after the removal of tooth root thereby saving time for the patient also being done by experienced oral surgeons based in Commack.

Full Arch Rehabilitation Commack: In this type of service, comprehensive solutions aimed at rehabilitating the entire jawbone area so as to restore dental health and self-confidence are provided by our practice located within Commack.

Wisdom Teeth Commack: The extraction of wisdom teeth is one among many operations carried out at our facility; therefore it has been given more attention than others which may cause more pain during recovery if not done well and hence taken care of professionally here.

General Anesthesia Commack: General anesthesia can be administered to patients who need it most especially those with high levels of anxiety or fear about going through any form surgeries under local anesthesia because they find such processes stressful but once put into deep sleep all pains will disappear thus making them have peace mind while undergoing treatment here in Commack.

Bone Grafting Commack: Bone grafting is a surgical procedure performed to strengthen weak or damaged bones by placing new bone tissue into the area where there’s a deficiency hence improving success rate during the implantation process carried out here at Precision Oral Surgery in commotion kudos.

Sinus Lifting Commack: Sinus lifting involves moving an upper jaw sinus cavity upwards so that the implant can be placed securely without interfering with other structures nearby thus ensuring long-term stability achieved through this method practiced by skilled oral surgeons within commotion kudos.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Commack: Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) refers to a substance obtained from a patient’s blood sample containing concentrated platelets which are then used during the healing process following various procedures like tooth extractions, gum surgeries, etc.

Orthodontic Impaction Cases Commack: Our team expertly manages orthodontic impaction cases, providing effective solutions for complex dental issues.


About City 

Commack, New York, is a family-friendly suburb in Suffolk County on Long Island, known for its excellent public schools and strong community spirit. It offers convenient access to major highways, making it a great spot for commuters. The town features ample shopping, dining options, and recreational facilities like Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve. Despite its growth, Commack maintains a good balance of suburban development and natural space preservation, making it an appealing place to live.

Things to do Commack

Commack Motor Inn: As a peculiar and historical place, this motor inn is an embodiment of the past of Commack.

Commack Library: There are countless books to choose from at the Commack Library. They also have events and community programs that you can participate in.

Long Island Expressway Park: This park has sports fields, playgrounds, and walking trails for all ages.

Commack South Little League: Be a part of this little league by joining or watching games within the community.

Oral Surgeon Commack

Serving the Community

Precision Oral Surgery is committed to serving the people of Commack with first-rate care and compassion. However, our participation extends beyond providing excellent oral health services; we also take active part in local activities while backing health-oriented charitable projects.

In Commack, our team has oral surgeons who strive to make positive changes not only in patients’ lives but also within their societies at large. Apart from sponsoring health fairs within our vicinity, we offer free dental check-ups and engage in enlightening drives about oral hygiene.

We are always grateful for any assistance rendered to us by society hence find it necessary to give back something valuable. It is through such outreach initiatives that we can enhance residents’ dental well-being as well as support less fortunate individuals among them. We endeavor towards achieving this goal either through donations or volunteering or even charging lower fees for our services where applicable.

Precision Oral Surgery represents more than just another dentist office located somewhere in the Commack neighborhood – it serves as an integral part of this community itself! For this reason alone should everybody feel proud having chosen us as their trusted partner ensuring good overall mouth care continues being delivered without fail until eternity finally arrives knocking at one’s doorstep.

Oral Surgeon Commack


What does an Oral Surgeon Commack do?

Among other things like immediate implants or full arch rehabilitation tooth extractions general anesthesia platelet-rich fibrin sinus lifting orthodontic impaction cases wisdom teeth removal bone grafting dental implants etc.

There are two ways you can do this. You may either call our office or book online through our website where a member of staff will assist you select the most convenient time for your visit.

During your first appointment at our oral surgeon’s office located within the Commack neighborhood, we shall conduct various tests on you such as reviewing your medical history and examining other parts if need be so as to ensure that everything goes well throughout the treatment period. Our main aim is to make sure that patients feel comfortable while receiving these services hence this step must not be ignored under any circumstances.

This procedure is important because it helps in building up a weak jawbone thereby enabling it to support teeth that have been damaged badly over time due to poor oral hygiene among other causes.

Absolutely! The surgeons operating within this region provide general anesthesia services aimed at relieving anxiety associated with undergoing different types of mouth operations under their care. We prioritize safety first, therefore, all necessary precautions should always be taken into account before, during, and after the surgery process has been completed as planned.